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ATX 2022 Expo | Symposiums

But that's not all!

Events at the expo will also include having symposiums

These symposiums attempt to build on the progress of technological innovations and create a critical mass toward adding to ongoing debates on policy development and investment in the continent. In addition, the symposium aims to promote a greater awareness of policy issues, open up the banking industry in Africa, and promote investments in tech innovations and other pertinent issues. Join public and private sector leaders as we deepen dialogue and understanding, and share best practices across Africa and the World to bring about better business certainty and fresh opportunities for cross-pollination and innovation in the tech sphere.


Associate Editor, African Business pages

Naved Hasan

CEO and founder of @xentetech

Allan Rwakatungu

GM, The Boxtrap

David Green

Co-Founder & CEO, Slack

Kate Preston

Producer, CSI: Cyber

Monica Heller

CEO, The Sage Group

Robert Smith

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